Tau Lekoa Mine


HSC acquired the Tau Lekoa mine in June 2015 at a time that it was facing severe technical and commercial challenges. Over the preceding two years, underground development had been insufficient and uncertainty about the mine’s future was affecting staff morale. To right the ship, significant investment was required, and over the following 18 months several tranches of development capital were provided by HSC.

Current status

The mine operates on five levels from 900 to 1,650 metres below surface and is accessed through a twin-shaft system. Around 3,000 people work at the mine, producing around 90,000 oz of gold annually.

In the future

By developing more face length and enhancing operational flexibility, Tau Lekoa will:

  • reduce its reliance on pillars
  • access the high-grade areas below 1,650 m
  • increase volumes to 80,000 tonnes per month
  • increase gold production to more than 100,000 oz annually