Anonymous ethics hotline

VMR’s Code of Ethics has been developed to empower employees and stakeholders in terms of ethical conduct. VMR is highly committed to sound corporate governance and our ethics code has been developed to go beyond legal and institutional compliance.

Our values represent the basic beliefs we aspire to, and should be reflected at all times.

These values are:

  • Honesty and transparency
  • Trust and accountability
  • Respect, equality and diversity
What to report on the anonymous ethics hotline:
  • Fraud
    • Submission of fraudulent overtime or leave claims
    • Misappropriation of company funds
    • Misuse of company vehicles for personal use
  • Misconduct
    • Sexual harassment
    • Intimidation
    • Racial and gender discrimination
  • Unethical behavior
    • The practice of favouritism
    • Nepotism
    • Transgression of any company policies
    • Conflicts of interest
  • Theft
    • Theft of company resources including but not limited to: stationary, equipment, time, intellectual property
  • Corruption
    • The solicitation of kickbacks in exchange for contracts or favours
    • Any form of bribary
    • Any third party collusion
How to log unethical behaviour on the anonymous ethics hotline:
  • Step 1
    – Dial the Hotline on 0800 000 806
  • Step 2
    – Report the incident by including as much detail as possible
  • Step 3
    – Obtain and save your reference number which will be used for follow-up and feedback
  • Step 4
    – Your call is logged and shared with the VMR Head Office for investigation
  • Step 5
    – You will receive feedback on your report

Our anonymous ethics hotline can be reached on 0800 000 806